Western Australia’s Best Helicopter Flights

It’s frequently said that you haven’t seen Western Australia until you’ve seen it from the air. This is even more so the case in Western Australia’s Top End, with the rugged terrain, stunning contrasting colours of the earth, and the sheer vastness of the land only truly being appreciated from a bird’s eye point of view. For many people, a thrilling helicopter ride is a bucket list adventure, and so we’ve picked out some of the best helicopter flights that the State has to offer:


The landscape and seascape surrounding Karratha are absolutely stunning from the air, with the clean white beaches and rusty Pilbara terrain contrasting brilliantly. This flight will take you over a string of 42 islands in the Dampier Archipelago, as well as numerous islands located near to the Burrup Peninsula. From the air, you look straight down into the crystal clear water, and can often spot marine life such as dugongs, manta rays, schools of fish, and dolphins. This point of view also allows you to watch the ships come into the port, where they are met by freight trains loaded with iron ore from the heart of the Pilbara. Whilst fascinating from the ground, this stretch of country is even more so when observed from above.


The Mitchell Falls are is of the most heavily visited and photographed attractions in Western Australia, and this is definitely for a reason! The helicopter flight over the Mitchell Falls and the coastline gives you the perspective of the land in relation to the coast and how the Mitchell River falls from the Plateau to the ocean. You can enjoy close-up views of the Mitchell Plateau and Mitchell Falls before flying out to the waters of Admiralty Gulf and following the stunning coast from Walsh Point to Crystal Head, spotting marine life in the ocean.  The helicopter flight path follows the Mitchell River upstream over the lower Mitchell Falls then continues upstream to the magnificent three-tiered Mitchell Falls and Big Mertens Gorge. From the air, you will come to see just how remote the Falls are, and how grand the area surrounding the Falls truly is.


Departing from Purnululu National Park’s Bellburn Airstrip, this stunning scenic flight begins by heading towards the southern tip of the Bungle Bungle Range to view Deep Gorge and “The Twins”. From here, you will continue to the highest point of the Bungle Bungle Range and view the spectacular Red Rock Gorges of the north-west. View the eastern side of the Range, and encounter incredible eroded sandstone formations and a maze of gorges, soaring over the Valley of the Giants. Fly along the southern face to the mouth of Piccaninny Gorge, and then follow Piccaninny Creek to view and photograph Cathedral Gorge and the famous orange and black striped beehive shaped domes. The Bungle Bungle is an iconic Kimberley attraction, and whilst it is a must-see from the ground, a helicopter flight over the top of the domes and gorges will add a whole new level to your appreciation for Purnululu National Park.