Visit the East Kimberley this Wet Season

So you think you’ve experienced everything the Kimberley has to offer? Think again!

It’s a local secret that the wet season is the best time to experience the East Kimberley. The landscape comes alive after tropical rains wash away the last of the dry and plunging waterfalls spring up out of nowhere. Bright orange and pink hues colour the skies as the sun goes down and in the evening, you’ll often be treated to thrilling lightning shows that flash across the entire horizon. The town of Kununurra quietens down, with mostly locals enjoying the peaceful oasis the wet season brings. You’ll need a sense of adventure and a little flexibility but experiencing the East Kimberley in the wet is a memory that will last forever.

Just a short drive from Kununurra, you’ll find a collection of waterfalls along Valentine Springs Road. This range includes some of our favourite spots, cascading Middle Springs & towering Black Rock Falls. Drying out throughout the year these falls are replenished by the rain of the wet. If you don’t have your own vehicle, Hot Tours can take you on a private 4WD adventure off-road.

Accessible by boat, the Upper Ord River & Lake Argyle become havens to enjoy. Discover waterfalls pouring off the landscape or simply throw a noodle in for a float. If you don’t have access to a boat, you can rent BBQ pontoons and dinghies with Lake Argyle Cruises.

You certainly can’t miss seeing this region from the sky in the wet. HeliSpirit operates waterfall scenic flights throughout the year but it’s during the wet season when you will see them flowing at their full capacity. Your pilot will choose your flight path depending on which falls are flowing best that day. Choose a landing option and enjoy a swim at your own secluded waterfall.

If you want to see the Bungle Bungle Range, Aviair operate 2-hour scenic flights from Kununurra. View the Ord River, Lake Argyle, Bungle Bungle Range, Argyle Diamond Mine and Carr Boyd Range, capturing the whole landscape from the sky.

We could write a short novel about what to do and see in the wet season, but you really must visit the East Kimberley and experience it yourself.

If you’re looking for help with your wet season adventure, contact us to help create your dream itinerary.