How to Get to the Kimberley

Covering nearly 423,000 square kilometres, this ancient region has fewer people per square kilometre than almost any other place on Earth. Despite its remoteness, there are several ways to reach the Kimberley depending on your time and budget.

Kununurra and Broome are the two major gateway towns in the Kimberley, and both are must-visits for a true Kimberley experience.


Often referred to as the gateway to the East Kimberley, Kununurra is the place to go if its rugged adventure that you are chasing. Located just 42 kilometres from the WA/NT border, iconic Australian destinations such as El Questro, Purnululu National Park, Lake Argyle and the Mitchell Falls are all within reach from Kununurra. It’s the perfect place for an adventure of a lifetime with many waterfalls, 4WD tracks, hiking trails and fishing spots on offer.

The fastest way to get to Kununurra is by plane. There are regular flights with Nexus Airlines between Broome, Kununurra and Darwin, with other carriers flying in direct from Perth.

By car, the most popular way is from Darwin. The Stuart Highway will take you from Darwin to Katherine before turning onto the Victoria Highway, leading you across the border and into Kununurra. The entire journey from Darwin to Kununurra is approximately 848 kilometres. Alternatively, the Great Northern Highway between Perth and Kununurra is sealed and has plenty of stops along the way. We recommend a week at least to capture the beauty of this part of the country.


Where the outback and the beach collide, Broome has long been a popular holiday destination. The thriving town, favoured for its white, sandy beaches, incredible sunsets and laidback atmosphere is the perfect place to start your West Kimberley adventure.

By air, you can fly directly between Perth and Broome all year round. During peak season (April to October) direct flights between Sydney and Melbourne become available.

If you’d prefer to drive, the Great Northern Highway between Perth and Broome is well maintained and sealed. We recommend taking several days for this drive to truly appreciate the West Kimberley landscapes.

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A true Aussie 4WD adventure

If you’re looking for something even more adventurous, the Tanami Track joins Alice Springs with Halls Creek in the south-east corner of the Kimberley. Much of the road is gravel and corrugated so a 4WD is essential and previous experience on remote roads is recommended. Being so remote, there are few roadhouses so it’s important for travellers to be prepared with food, water and fuel before setting off.