Heaven for sea, sun and adventure lovers

Remote and utterly picturesque, the town of Esperance has a coastline that would rival any in the world. From white sand beaches with sunbaking kangaroos, rugged archipelagos, untouched islands, and stunning coastal vistas, Esperance is truly a nature-lovers paradise. Located about 8 hours’ drive from Perth, the town of Esperance faces a scattering of gently sloping islands known as the Recherche Archipelago, and it’s this view that makes the town so enchanting. There is an accommodation option to suit all budgets and a plethora of activities to suit every kind of traveller. The hardest part of visiting Esperance will be leaving.

We love Esperance for its untouched coastlines and laidback lifestyle

There’s only a handful of places in Australia that can contest the dreamy scenes that Esperance offers. Unspoiled, snowy-white sand beaches, rugged coastal walks, and shimmering blue water are what attract travellers to visit from all over the world.

You can be as busy or relaxed as you like during your visit to Esperance. Spend your days exploring the many national parks, perusing local galleries and museums, sampling locally produced goods at weekly markets, or even see the stunning Esperance landscape from above on a scenic flight. Esperance’s Great Ocean Drive is a fantastic way to discover the wide range of coastal elements such as stunning beaches, small bays, hidden ocean pools, and rocky headlands. Or, if you’d prefer to just enjoy the laidback lifestyle, head to one of the many beaches on offer to watch dolphins frolic in the translucent blue water.

Finish your days in Esperance by watching the sky turn from blue to a variety of pink and orange hues as the sun descends below the horizon. Enjoy a dinner of freshly caught seafood or an ice-cold beer from Lucky Bay Brewing and then meander along the Esplanade before retiring to bed to do it all again the next day!

Add Esperance to your itinerary for a taste of Australia’s most scenic vistas

  • Lucky Bay
  • Stokes National Park
  • Lake Hillier (pink lake)
  • Twilight Bay
  • Esperance Stonehenge
  • Woody Island
  • Cape Le Grand National Park
  • Cape Arid National Park
  • Frenchman Peak
  • The Wetlands
  • Lake Monjinup
  • Mount Ridley

Don’t miss …

The fairy floss pink lake of Lake Hillier located on Middle Island, approximately 130km by sea to the east of Esperance. It’s saturated colour contrasts beautifully with the azure ocean surrounding Middle Island and the blindingly white sand. Lake Hillier is an impressive nature reserve with extremely high environmental protection protocols. It is situated in a very remote location which is difficult to access. HeliSpirit operates scenic flights over Lake Hillier from their Esperance base and Orleans Airfields. This once in a lifetime experience is a must-do if you’re visiting Esperance!

Local tip: For those opting for the Orleans airfield departure, why not make a day of it! After your scenic flight over Lake Hillier, stop for lunch at the South Coast’s best-kept secret – the Condingup Tavern before spending the afternoon exploring Cape Arid National Park.

If you’d prefer to stay on land, take a drive to Lucky Bay within the Cape Le Grand National Park and chill out with the sunbaking kangaroos!

Accommodation and Amenities

Esperance offers a vast selection of accommodation options that will suit all sorts of budgets. Whether you’re looking for a B&B, caravan park, hotel room in the centre of town, beachside camp with uninterrupted views, an eco-hut on an island, or a spectacular beach house overlooking the ocean, there is something for everyone! As Esperance isn’t a big place, it can get busy in peak season so we advise booking ahead.

Eat your heart out at one of Esperance’s many restaurants and cafes and enjoy fresh, local fare from around the region. If you’re looking for a view with your meal, search for the food-trucks around the waterfront offering up delicious bites and picturesque views!

Esperance is also an ideal location for families with playgrounds, parks, cultural and animal experiences galore.



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